Working with HEX provides an essential framework for businesses of any size committed to being a human brand and to supporting personal branding with photo and video production.

HEX is not specifically an employer branding agency. Our work is in the creative strategy and frontline production execution crucial to great employer branding.

  • Your people can drive your story.
  • Your people can be the heart of a consistent, compelling visual identity.
  • You can instinctively show your teams, your culture & your community
  • You can consistently support your talent and new hires with visual resources.

The home of visual human stories.

Purpose and conviction in specifically who you are and what you are here to do is best shown, not just said. The key is capturing this intangible in a sustainable, systematic way.

We have seen the energy and values of these great brands manifest through our work - both on-site and in studios. Culture and that idea of “DNA” can be captured through photo and video. Don’t fail at the creative. 

Our approach ensures those fundamental anchor content initiatives are delivered on-time, on-budget & with maximum creative impact. 

Crucially the foundational projects of corporate brand libraries and evergreen employer brand photo & video are addressed in the right way.

Your teams and new recruits and the returns on their respective personal brands are increased by your investment in their headshots and onboarding. 




Welcome to HEX. 

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